The Links at Brunello

Halifax Nordic Ski Club is delighted to partner with The Links at Brunello to groom their golf course trails, whenever snow conditions permit. Club members and Brunello Estate residents are welcome to ski on the trails. The club-house and facilities (washrooms, food and bar service) are available when the Pro Shop is open – please introduce yourselves as Club members if you go in.

Directions The Links at Brunello are 10 minutes from the Halifax peninsula, just off Exit #3 on Hwy. 103. Take Timberlea Village Parkway for 1.6 km., then turn left on Brunello Blvd. The parking lot is at the end of Brunello Blvd. The parking lot will close at 5 or 6 pm most evenings – check at the Pro Shop before leaving your vehicle after dusk.

The Trails  This trail is groomed for skate skiing. The Trail starts at the upper left of the parking lot, opposite the Golf Pro Shop. Follow the one-way/ do-not-enter signs and always stay on the groomed trails. Please don’t cut across the fairways at any point. We are Brunello’s guests and want to avoid any damage to their greens, fairways or tee-boxes.

See the  trail map below for details (distances approximate). The distances in the circles is the distance of the loop around the circle. The green dot is the start at the parking lot. Two bridges take you over the Parkway for optional loops – one after 1K for the 2.1K orange loop and another after about 8K for the 1.1K grey loop. The grey loop is the only loop with a challenging and steep climb and descent, so you may want to avoid that loop unless you like living on ‘the edge’. The entire trail system is approx. 10K, but there are options for shorter skis: 2.6km if you don’t cross the bridge to do the orange loop; 4.7km back to the Pro Shop, if you do that loop.