Halifax Nordic is now grooming 6 trails: Brunello, Dollar Lake, McDonald Sports ParkGraves-OakleySmileys Provincial Park, and Oakfield Golf and Country Club.  Please click on the trail for directions, details and maps for each trail. Below is an overview of the trails.

Trail Trail Hashtag Level Skate Classic Kms
Brunello Golf Course  #BrunelloTrails Intermediate Skate 10
MacDonald Sports Park #MSPTrails Beginner & Intermediate Skate Classic (limited) 7.5
Dollar Lake Provincial Park #DollarTrails Intermediate Skate Classic 10
Graves Oakley #GOTrails Beginner Skate 1
Smileys Provincial Park #SmileysTrails Beginner & Intermediate Skate Classic 4
Oakfield Golf & Country Club #OakfieldTrails Beginner & Intermediate Skate Classic TBD

It is important to make sure the trails are set before members ski, so please wait until our groomers post that the trails are open before heading out.   This will ensure that snow lasts a little bit longer on the trails and better conditions overall.  We have also invested in more trail signage this season and will be updating signage on new trails as we bring them on board and are familiar with grooming.   Please make sure you follow signage for directions, parking as well as any emergency information.  Skiing the wrong way on a trail could mean a collision with another skier, so please follow signage.

Our volunteer groomers as well as our members regularly post updates on our trail conditions on Twitter. Below are the most recent tweets, but for more details  please visit HfxNordic for past reports on conditions.Trail conditions can change from day to day, and we don’t groom every park every day. The best way to keep updated on trail conditions is to follow us on Twitter:  @HFXNordic. The groomers will use Twitter to report trail and grooming updates at all of the parks, so if you want to get the latest trail conditions, start following us, and Tweet to @HFXNordic to report trail conditions after you ski to let other members know. The latest tweets are below, but for more, check out @HFXNordic. We use the following trail #hashtags:

Dollar Lake:         #DollarTrails
Brunello:              #BrunelloTrails
MSP:                   #MSPTrails
Graves-Oakley:   #GOTrails
Smileys:            #SmileysTrails
Oakfield:    #OakfieldTrails

Update for Brunello… Cart paths will be closed starting today due to lack of coverage. The driving range has had a new 500 m loop groomed and although conditions are thin it is still a very good ski.

Spread the word! Program spots available

🔴 Ages 6-8
🟠 Thurs Jan 28th | 4:30-5:15 | 6 Weeks
🟢 @linksatbrunello (5 min past Bayer's Lake)
🔵 $40
🟣 Equipment to borrow for the lesson time, $25
🔴 Fun, games, love for outdoors


@HFXNordic Excellent conditions at Graves-Oakley this evening. The fresh grooming this afternoon made the trails beautiful - fast, firm, absolutely no ice.

Dollar lake has been freshly groomed and is ready for the morning. The parking lot has also been plowed So there should be no need for parking on the road. Enjoy!!

@HFXNordic, could you post a generic doctor's sick note on your website? I really need one today: "Dear Employer, For his mental well-being, Derek cannot work today, or any other day when the ski trails have been groomed and the sun is shining. Sincerely, Dr. Iluv Winter".

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