To help us with our rental process, please print this page and fill in your details to pick up your rental equipment. Bring confirmation of registration in programs to prove eligibility + 2 cheques.
Location: 8 Cherry Drive Dartmouth.
Dates:Sign up for your time using the Doodle poll.

Dates to follow.

Halifax Nordic Ski Club Rental Agreement 2020-2021

Name: ____________________________________________________________
Address: __________________________________________________________
Telephone: ________________________________________________________
Email: ____________________________________________________________

Rental fees:

CHEQUES ONLY – One for rental fee and the other for the return deposit dated April 30, 2021.

Skate/Universal Ski Season Rental Fee $80 and Return Deposit Cheque $500
____ sets of SKATE/UNIVERSAL gear
Skis ____________________________
Boots ____________________________
Poles ____________________________
Classic Ski Season Rental Fee $40 and Return Deposit Cheque $250
____ sets of CLASSIC gear Skis ____________________________
Boots ____________________________
Poles ____________________________
Partial Rental Return Deposit Cheque $250
Partial Rental Skis $40__________________________
Boots $40_________________________
Poles $20_________________________
$____________ total rental fees
$____________ total return deposit(s)

I agree that the Halifax Nordic equipment rented under this agreement will be returned to Halifax Nordic at the end of the 2019-20 ski season (no later than April 30, 2020) in good condition as determined by the Halifax Nordic Ski Club. Otherwise, I agree that Halifax Nordic will retain the portion of my return deposit required to restore the equipment to good condition or replace it as determined by Halifax Nordic and that only the balance not so used will be refunded to me.

Signature: ______________________________
Date: __________________________________