Adult Lessons

January 11 –  February 15 at Brunello Links.

Beginner: introduction to skate skiing: free skate, double pole (including double poling on one ski as a progression to one-skate), snowplow, sidestep, step turn.

  • Saturdays 9:45-10:45 at Brunello
  • Mondays  6:45-7:45  at Brunello

Intermediate: one-skate, two-skate, diagonal skate,offset, skate turn.

  • Saturdays 9:45-11:00 at Brunello
  • Mondays  6:45-7:45  at Brunello

Program Fees:   $75 ($85 after Dec 9) plus Club Membership

Refund Policy: full refund if requested before second lesson.

To adapt to Nova Scotia’s challenging winters, Halifax Nordic has implemented snowmaking at Brunello, which may allow more on-snow sessions, however, lessons will proceed each Saturday unless it is dangerous to be out (too cold or too icy)! Instructors will have creative options to make lessons fun and instructive with or without snow, and may suggest a change of location to your group the night before to take advantage of local conditions.

Drop-in Option: Club members can join in on any class: $20 per session payable in cash to the club through the instructor.

Individual Lessons or Classic Ski Lessons More Your Style? Book a private lesson with an instructor.