Nordiq Canada our governing body has partnered with the club to coordinate a fundraiser in which TAX RECEIPTS will be issued to donors. 95 % of the donation amount goes to the club and 5 % to cover administration cost. This is a great opportunity for HNSC to fundraise whilst its donors get a tax deduction. HNSC thanks you for your continued support and would like to recognize everyone’s past contributions. MAKE SURE YOU SPECIFY HNSC as your donation choice.

Donate to the 100 Campaign


The 100 Campaign – A Fundraiser Aimed at Raising $100,000 for Clubs to Celebrate 100 of Skiing in Canada

What is the 100 Campaign?

The entire skiing community, from alpine to cross-country, will be celebrating 100 years of skiing in Canada this season.  As we look back on the past 100 years, we are so proud of the many incredible accomplishments of our athletes and the people who support them, as well as the growth we have seen in recreational skiing in local communities.  Looking to the next 100 years, we see the opportunity to elevate our sport to the next level – to become a nationally loved, and internationally feared force in the winter sport world.

The goal of this campaign is to raise $100,000 in support of cross-country skiing across Canada by the close of the Canadian Ski Championships in March 2020. The campaign aims to bring all Nordiq Canada clubs together to fundraise with a joint message to elevate our sport across Canada.

Thanks as always to all who support our club and our sport!