Halifax Nordic Trails Project

FAQ- The Halifax Nordic Trails Project

Halifax Nordic Ski Club, in cooperation with Brunello Golf Course, is preparing to install snow making equipment on a 400 meter new dedicated ski trail at Brunello.  A new 12000 sq ft training area for drills with a 20’ wide gently sloping road 400 meters in length has been cleared near the club-house. A pond will be used for a water supply; power-supply will be electric.  Equipment needed is, a high pressure pump and piping to deliver the water, through connections, hose  and  high efficiency snow guns.  Funds for this project will be donated by individuals, businesses and future grants.


Halifax Nordic is super-excited to start a $30,000 fundraising campaign for snow-making this winter at Brunello as well as grooming equipment for our trails.   We are pleased that in addition to the trails that we already groom, we will start snow-making at Brunello this winter, so we can ski when Mother Nature does not cooperate.


To donate please click fill in this form: NSTF_DONOR-FORM_Fillable- HNTP

How can you help?

We need your support to raise $ 30,000 for the Halifax Nordic Trails Project.  Snow making is a costly endeavor.  Initial set-up costs are $40,000: Halifax Nordic is committed to $20,000 on snow-making equipment with Brunello matching our $20,000.   Halifax Nordic Ski Club will own the equipment purchased with our funds. We are also supporting a further $10, 000  for grooming equipment to support the network of Halifax Nordic trails that the club maintains: McDonald Sports Park, Graves-Oakley Memorial Park, Brunello Estates,  Dollar Lake Provincial Park,  and new for 2018 Smileys Provincial Park. 

Eligible donations of $20 or more made through the National Sport Trust Fund (NSTF) will receive a charitable tax receipt.

How to donate: Please submit the attached form (also available on our website) to the National Sport Trust Fund – Nova Scotia Chapter, 5516 Spring Garden Rd., 4th Floor.  Clearly state “Halifax Nordic Trails Project”, project #: “NSASF 17-0023”.   To be eligible for a 2017 tax receipt, donations MUST be post marked in the mail to the NSTF prior to December 31, 2017 and where December 31st is on a Sunday this year,  donors should really have their envelopes in the mail no later than December 28th.   The NSTF’s last day to accept donations in person at the office will be December 21st at 4pm..

Christmas Gift for a skier? Why not make a donation to the Halifax Nordic Trails Project in their name and give the gift of snow?

Remember all the money you have saved not purchasing a Martock Season Pass this year? Invest that money into equipment that the Club will own and control.

If you are interested in helping with the fundraising campaign, please contact info@halifaxnordic.ca.

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Many Nordic clubs in North America are making snow to permit skiing through the winter. Not only will we be able to make snow when the temperature dips below freezing, we can pile up snow to later distribute.

Brunello has generously offered to help fund snow making as well as prepare a dedicated 20’ wide gently sloping road 400 meters in length and a 12000 sq ft training area for drills.   In November, Brunello began clearing an area to the right of the parking lot.  This area will be similar to the Martock stadium (although flat) and great for both lessons and beginners to the sport. The photos show the area that is being cleared for snow making and the new loop.

The Brunello staff will make and pile snow overnight, when the temperature drops, and then move it to cover the ski area. The staff at Brunello will constantly monitor the humidity and temperature and will only make snow when conditions are optimal and sustainable.

Along with the new ski area, we will continue to groom the approx. 10 kms of golf-cart paths at Brunello, when we have ~10cm of natural snow. This, in combination with the man-made snow area should provide more consistent skiing through the winter and extend the season. The $20,000 support from Brunello plus their staff time is crucial in Halifax Nordic Ski Club`s efforts to provide skiing through the winter. Brunello’s contribution and commitment to creating a winter recreation area is a huge benefit to the club.  This winter they will also keep the club house open 10am-10pm so that members can enjoy warmth, a restaurant, as well as a golf simulator downstairs if you are really missing summer sports.